013. Instarium

Capture the sense of the moment

The future of shopping is a bought experience.

What’s more important than how (or where) you appear on social media? With material items easily accessible online, the only commodity worth going to a store for is an “experience.” Have you ever wanted to be exactly where your favorite celebrity or family was? How much trouble have you gone through for the perfect picture for social media?

We present the INSTARIUM, a shopping adventure pod that captures the senses of the moment. For a few hours, you can smell from the salt of the sea to the pines of the forest to the feeling of grains of the sand or the cold of the ice - all curated experiences shot and shared for your enjoyment. Take your hour-long vacation anywhere you want. Purchase your perfect environment through packages or individually indulge your senses.

Family members can share more intimate moments from their vacations and their homes, influencers can create their own pod packages for their followers to indulge, you no longer need to go far to go far.

Tomorrow’s social media can give you a sense of what it is like to be there. Do you want to come?

Submitted to Non-Architecture’s BUYING Competition in 2019. Awarded Honorable Mention.