010. (blank) bomb, (blink) city

'Blank Bomb Blink City' is an investigation into a political disaster that provides a superficial solution to an ultimately dismal future. Through the invention and marketing of a non-product —the rad.ii— this campaign and series of VR images describes an alternate reality where they’re bought, deployed, and useless.

This project was done for unbag magazine issue no. 4 - In Tension as a continuation of an earlier project of ours, “Inflate and Wait,” done in collaboration with Emir Abdul-Emir. The advertising images were completed with American Artist. For more information this, shoot us an email.

The panoramas collaged together for viewing through the Google VR device were attempts at capturing the chaotic post-nuclear urbanscape.

The original sketches for the images we produced.

The “advertisements” placed in the magazine promoting the rad.ii product. These images were completed in collaboration with American Artist.