009. Death Amended

Death architecture occupies a unique place in cities and poses questions about the future of space and land use. Though morbid, cemeteries are necessary and unavoidable spaces we must designate in planning, though these sites are frequently casted to the outskirts of the city. We want to study cemeteries because of their relationship to collective memory.

Memorials designate a specific persons or event, while cemeteries serve as public spaces while simultaneously providing spaces for individual remembrance. With land becoming more scarce and cities expanding, we are interested in investigating the reframing of the role of cemeteries.

Through this research, our goal is to start production on a body of work investigating cities and death, the human experience and mourning, and how these relationships are affected by architecture. We are proposing a study of these relationships through visiting two iconic works of landscape and architecture: The Igualada Cemetery (1994) by Enric Miralles and Carme Pinós and the Woodland (Skogskyrkogården) Cemetery (1915) by Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz. 

This was submitted to The Architectural League of New York’s Call for Proposals for 2019’s Norden Fund.